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ESTERNO2 modifVista panoram ModifThe company operating for over 30 years in the sector, offers the choice of an innovative design that combines the elegance of form with the warmth of solid wood. Specializing in the production of furniture for interiors " measure", of high quality , employs a skilled team of architects, interior designers, artisans, technicians and fitters, able to interpret and satisfy the needs of customers through the direct management of the project in all its phases. The furniture is made either in individual pieces or in series, however, meet the specific needs of the customer, with outstanding attention to detail.

Exclusive forms and special finishes mingle with unique and elegant environments. 



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The increasing market demand for global solutions, coordinated and increasingly personalized, has guided our growth towards solutions "contract".

Through the synergy with other businesses specializing in various fields, we provide our customers with the design, construction, site supervision for the construction of new facilities or the renovation of existing ones, ensuring the customer a single point of contact professional and attentive to your needs. Concretize our work with passion, to be the ideal partner for those who love exclusive products and services.

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