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Production and sale of hives with Italian raw materials selected

We are a family as well as in the production of furniture House, Shops and Offices and Furnishing in the production and sale of Hives. Our main objective is the woodwork. We produce beehives, supers and boxes of eggs aimed at media professionals and hobbyist beekeepers.
The entire wood processing to obtain the finished product (hives Dadant blatt, hives cubic supers, frames, etc ...) takes place at 'inside of our company thanks to CNC machines with which we work every day and that allow us to meet the demands of personalization (the hives and supers) advanced by customers.
We are proud to distinguish ourselves from our competitors by:

  • Professionalism and Competence
  • Quality Products
  • Quality raw materials
  • Wide range of products sold
    Product customization
  • Pre- and post-sale customer service
  • Excellent value for money
  • Direct delivery for large quantity orders
  • Warranty Made in Italy
    Since the early years of our production activities, we tried to offer all our customers quality equipment, competitive prices and services for sale, why many professionals and hobbyists working with us.
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