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Stop And Go - The device to manage the flows of people

With the health emergency covid-19 we did not stop and during the lockdown we continued to work to bring our company and our employees up to standard and in safety and to find tailor-made solutions in view of the reopening.

From our work, Stop And Go was born, a device designed to control pedestrian transit in areas with high traffic intensity and in public and private spaces, such as shopping malls, shops, fitness centers, wellness centers but also offices, religious buildings and museums, and in all those areas where regulation and control of the flows of people entering and leaving is necessary.

Stop And Go is a device easy to install, with low management and maintenance costs and adaptable to any situation. Three different models are in fact available (MONO, BIS, TANDEM) to safely manage all accesses and guarantee maximum control.

By entrusting Stop And Go with the management of people flows, you will be able to devote more time to welcoming and taking care of your business.